Episode 8-The Priesthood of All Believers (1 Peter 2)

1 Peter 2 talks about how every believer has a priestly ministry to bring Jesus to everyone.  We discuss what that means on a practical level.  We are to make disciples everywhere we go, understanding our role as priests is vital to that task.  Dan Samms get's specific and practical about how to bring Jesus into situations as we make disciples and live our lives.  

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Episode 7 Resurrection Proclamation and Sending

Pastor Dan Samms delivers a sermon on Easter Sunday about the Resurrection and what it means to both believe and proclaim the Gospel.  Music Credit: Seven Year Glitch "Love's Last Fight"

Restoration is a church in Amherst, OH that is designed for people who feel like they don't fit in at church.  We exist to glorify God by making disciples together.  We are different than a lot of churches.  Instead of a large building and a lot of programming, we keep it simple.  Our church meets in coffeehouses, bars, parks, and homes to keep cost low and maximize our ability to connect people with God and each other.  For an understanding of simple church, we recommend reading Simple/House Church Revolution by Roger Thoman.  Download it free here.  

At Restoration, we believe that people matter more than programs.  We don't offer a lot of activities to keep you busy; we offer relationships to make you whole.  Have you ever gone to a church with good music and good teaching but where no one would notice if you were gone?  We don't let that happen, because we have a lot of small groups rather than one large one (though we sometimes get everyone together for special times of worship, teaching, and prayer).  It is hard to be forgotten when everybody knows your name.  

You may be searching for meaning or for help in the midst of some crisis.  You may be searching for answers or just for meaningful relationships.  Either way, you might find what you are looking for here. 

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