House Churches

Restoration Church is really a network of house churches that meet in homes across the United States and Central America.  Each House Church seeks to plant another house church every year using Jesus' model from Luke 10.  This allows us to equip every follower of Jesus to make more followers of Jesus, maximizing our resources and reflecting the First Century Church as much as possible.  It's multiplication rather than just addition.  We focus on making disciples who make disciples, fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).  In the context of our house churches, everyone gets to participate.  People minister to one another, using their gifts as God works through them.  We pray together, share a meal together every time we meet, help one another out when we need it, and serve the community together.  It's pretty least we think so.  

Sheffield Villiage, OH


San Salvador, El Salvador (Hungry Church)


Lorain, OH


Managua, Nicaragua
(Hungry Church)


Spokane, Washington


Cleveland, OH
(Refugee Collaborative)


Hudson, OH


Restoration gatherings are informal.  We get together at 10am to drink coffee and catch up for a while before we have  discussion.  Kids and teens are usually a part of the discussion with the adults, though we offer children's ministry for the little ones (0-8).  During teaching/discussion, we might stop to pray for one another or minister in some other way.  After teaching/discussion, we take communion and have a meal together.  

House Churches meet weekly (usually on Sundays, but not always).  Below is a list of our current and upcoming house churches.  However, we are constantly training new house church leaders and constantly open to start new groups wherever someone is willing to open up their home to their neighbors for a meal and a discussion about God.  

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First Sunday 

On the First Sunday of every month, all of our house churches come together at Nordson Depot (671 Franklin Ave in Amherst) for a combined worship service at 10am.  It's not a typical worship service.  We drink coffee and fellowship for a while before we get started.  We sit at round tables together to make sure that everyone gets to connect.  We usually sing a few songs (lyrics projected on a screen).  Then pastor Dan shares a short message (15-20 minutes).  After that, we discuss the sermon at our tables.  We usually take communion after discussion and then sing another song.  We don't normally pass an offering plate, but we have a box in the back in case people want to give.  You can also give online.  After the last song, most people hang out for a while as we slowly make our way out.  

Discipleship Groups

We believe that every follower of Jesus Christ can and should lead others to follow Him too.  You don't have to be an expert to introduce people to Jesus; you just have to know Him.   We encourage every Christian to invest in three people every year in order to help them come into relationship with Jesus.  The hope is that everyone is doing this in their normal relationships at work and in their neighborhoods.  However, we have a few groups that regularly get together to discuss Jesus, pray for one another, and fellowship.