Christ is Head of the Church

Ultimately, Jesus Christ is head of the Church, His body. We serve under His leadership, directed by God’s Word as we are led by the Holy Spirit. Focusing on Christ as the Head of the Church, the leadership roles established are a reflection of His direction in Scripture. Everything we do is designed to make disciples who make disciples as we abide in Christ together. The hope is that the Church would be known for it’s love for one another and that the gospel would be made known.


The church is led by a co-equal group of elders under the headship of Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, submitted to Scriptural authority, and ministering in relationship with the C&MA. Currently, Daniel Samms, Dan Rogatto, Hunter Goon, and Bob Slatt serve on this team.   We are part of the Central District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance with the support of house church facilitators and others who serve a similar function to elders and meet the biblical qualifications. 

House Church Shepherds

Every house church is overseen by shepherds (usually two) who guard, teach, and equip the church through the administration of communion, teaching the Word of God, prayer, etc. Every house church leader diligently equips at least one other person to become a house church shepherd.

Disciple Makers (All Believers)

As God advances His Kingdom, every new person finds their place on the Restoration team as we minister to one another.  Every believer is part of the priesthood of the Church and is gifted to minister as we come together.  Come and see what Restoration is like and find your ministry in the process.  

Daniel Samms

Planting Pastor

Dan has been in ministry for over a decade, serving in Churches and Christian non-profits.  Having spent several years in a large church that he loved, Dan thought he would follow a typical ministry career.  However, God called Dan out of his comfort zone, and eventually into church planting.  His heart is to make disciples who make disciples, so he seeks to invest his time into people.  

Dan is in love with his wife, Christy.  They have two kids, a few chickens, and an awesome dog named "Sam."  Dan drinks good coffee, enjoys fine woodworking, and has a lifelong dream to punch an alligator in the face.  Christy is a licensed counselor and an incredible mother who has a variety of hobbies and runs an insightful blog.  Together, they raise their kids, lead the church, and enjoy God's blessings. 

Dan can often be found at coffeehouses around Amherst and is always willing to meet and discuss what it means to Experience, Trust, and Follow Jesus.

Recently, Dan wrote a book to be used as a guide for making disciples.  It's a handy tool for guiding people through initial steps in following Jesus.  You can purchase it on, and it is inexpensive enough that you can easily buy a copy for a friend and read it together. 

Dan's primary role at Restoration is Recruiting, Equipping, and Releasing house church leaders in addition to ensuring every disciple is making disciples.  


Instagram: @roaringshepherd


bob slatt .jpg

Bob Slatt

House Church Facilitator

Bob and his wife Tara have been involved in church planting for several years now.  They lead a house church and make disciples together.  By day, Bob is a web developer.  By night, he is a standup comedian who has performed at a variety of venues around Cleveland, including the Improv.  Bob is our resident maven regarding all things pop culture.  He's heard of that movie you've never heard of, and he can tell you who was in Duran Duran at any given time.  He is also a dedicated scholar of God's Word and a gifted Shepherd.  He tells a lot of jokes, but he is serious about ministry.  

Bob also has an amazing story of healing and forgiveness that you should ask him about when you meet him.  Bob's wife, Tara works for Love INC and is a licensed social worker and is a wonderful compliment to Bob's creativity.   They are a blessing.  

Twitter: @rslatt74  Instagram: @rslatt74


Joe Taylor

House Church Facilitator
Worship Leader

Joe is married to Taryn, and the two are a great ministry team.  In addition to leading a house church, Joe leads worship at our First Sunday gatherings (where all the house churches come together).  By day, Joe is the coolest librarian you have ever met.  Seriously.  He knows how to find stuff, and he looks up interesting things.  By night, Joe is a punk rock aficionado who is as at home at an MXPX or Five Iron Frenzy show as he is behind the desk at the library.  Joe is a good man who has a steadiness about him that has come from living a life of integrity.  He is knowledgeable about the Bible and is gifted at facilitating discussion in the house church.  

Joe's wife, Taryn is a fitness expert with the gift of hospitality.  She makes everyone regardless of age feel at home, and she knows how to get things done.  She ministers to women, plans prayer vigils, and organizes and leads Kid's Ministry.  You'll love them both.  

Instagram: @josephus10


Micah Judy


Micah Judy a master of business. He manages church expenses, keeps track of our budget, and generally makes sure the whole thing is running smoothly.  Micah owns a web and graphic design business by day and coaches swimming by afternoon/evening.  Not only is Micah an essential part of keeping things organized financially, he also oversees our social media presence.  In addition, Micah leads a young adult Bible Study with Restoration at Slow Train Cafe in Oberlin.  Micah is a gifted athlete, coach, and businessman, but it is possible that his greatest talent is knowing where to find the best ice cream in Ohio.  Talk to Micah about giving and budget or join the young adult Bible study.  You will not be disappointed.  

Instagram: @micahjudy




Prayer Partners and Financial Supporters

Things that matter happen as God's people pray.  Restoration is blessed to have a large team of supporters who have committed to pray regularly for Restoration's ministry in Lorain County, OH.  It is working!  God is doing great things as His people pray.  There are also several people giving financially to the work, making it possible for the Samms' to dedicate themselves to Restoration and for the Church to purchase the resources and tools to facilitate Kingdom advancement.  Sign up for our Prayer Partner Email.  Give Financially to Restoration.  

It’s so exciting to see the various churches and ministries that God is using and raising up here in NE Ohio—all for the purpose of reaching and discipling others for Christ. One of the more interesting works right now is Restoration Church in Amherst. Dan Samms and his team have intentionally worked to reach people who might never visit a Sunday morning setting and see their lives impacted for Christ—and they’re already bearing fruit in terms of lives that are being changed through the ‘restorative’ power of the gospel. It’s going to be exciting to see all the ways that God uses this new church plant.
— Bruce Farley (Alpha USA, NE Ohio Regional Director)