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Underground Seminary

Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples, and most of that is done in the context of discipleship groups (2-3 people abiding in Christ together) and Simple/House Churches (7-14 people spurring one another to love and good works in Christ as the early church did in Acts 2:42-46).  

Ultimately, most of the equipping for ministry happens in discipleship and House Churches.  However, we wanted to provide advanced training in bible study methods, theology, apologetics, evangelism, discipleship, house church planting and facilitation, practical ministry, and more.  

So, we created Underground Seminary. It is a FREE (for people making disciples with Restoration), and it is designed to give you better-than-seminary equipping in the form of graduate level study.

Our pastor has over a decade of experience teaching theology at the University level, but he knows that seminary is expensive.  Worse, most seminaries don't prepare you for actual ministry and limit ministry training to "the pros."  

We believe the local church should equip saints to do the work of ministry (Ephesians 4), making it possible for nearly everyone to be fully equipped for ministry. 

When you sign up for Underground Seminary, you get access to a Google Drive file with a wealth of information, including ebooks on apologetics, house church, disciple-making, systematic theology, and more.  You also get access to our ongoing Voxer App group where we discuss content daily.  All this in addition to our monthly training meetings. 

While Underground Seminary will be available to people outside of Restoration for $35/month, it remains FREE for everyone making disciples with Restoration.  

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