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Church Membership: What Is It And Why We Have It

Church membership is an often misunderstood concept. In the early church, you were baptized into the church that would be your church home until death, Christ’s return, or until you were sent out to plant another house church. Church was then and is now supposed to be a family, a unified body, a citizenship, a temple. Now, people treat churches like retail shops, consuming a little bit from each one, seldom seeing any one church as a family to commit to. Since Jesus has given us commands as a church, and elders/overseeing have been charged by God to shepherd the church which Christ bought with HIs own blood, it is essential that we communicate what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ as a whole, part of this church specifically, and what that means as we commit to one another. In this Sermon, Pastor Dan talks about membership and asks everyone to pray about formally committing as members.