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Attributes of God: Intellectual

In this sermon, Pastor Dan discusses the Intellectual characteristics of God. Those being Omniscience (perfect knowledge), Omnisapience (perfect wisdom), and Veracity (truth, truthfulness, faithfulness). Knowing that God has all knowledge, all wisdom, and is perfectly faithful and true is comforting for the child of God and should be sobering for the unrepentant. The child of God can rest knowing that the God of creation who knows all things has sovereignly decreed the greatest good for His children and He always fulfills His promises. The lost person should cower for this God who knows all things knows their darkest sins. And, to Him they must give account. There is good news for the sinner too! Jesus paid the sin debt for all who put their trust in Him (1 Peter 2:24, Romans 6:23). Repent and believe the gospel (Romans 10:9-10).