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Missionary Trip to El Salvador

  • Restoration Church San Salvador El Salvador (map)

Missionary Trips are not for consumers.  If you want to have a cool experience meeting where you get to feel good about helping people, eat some new foods, and come back with stories to tell your book club, then don't come.  We are going to El Salvador to make disciples who make disciples.  It will be an adventure, but it may not be fun.  The Enemy doesn't like it.  He will fight us on all fronts.  He may even attack your family while you are gone.  This is not missionary tourism, this is a war for the souls of men.  Don't go for an experience.  Go for the Kingdom of God.  

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Here is what we will do on this trip: 

  • Equip Church Planters: Some church planting experts are coming with us and will lead church planter Basic Training to a group of church planters down their.
  • Equip Disciple-Makers: We are going to equip disciple makers in La Libertad and San Salvador.
  • Equip House Church Leaders: Dan trained leaders when he was there earlier in the year.  This will be a follow-up.  
  • Equip Woodworkers: We are helping expand the skill set as well as help create product for the young men and women working to fund their lives.  
  • Encourage the saints: We have brothers and sisters laboring for the Kingdom.  We are going to encourage, pray, and storm the gates of Hell with our El Salvadorian brothers and sisters.  
  • Support Evangelism Efforts: We are likely to get out on the streets and minister with the followers of Jesus already on the ground.  

Here are some things to consider about going:

  1. Cost: The cost of this trip for travel, food, and ancillary expenses is $1,500.  We will help you with fundraising, but start praying and asking for support now.  
  2. Risk: We are going to a place where gang activity is high.  While we are not making ourselves targets of gangs, we are targets of the Enemy.  You are not likely to face danger, but it is a possibility.  Sickness is also a possibility. Know what you are getting into. 
  3. Holy Spirit: We are not looking for ministry experts, just people who are filled with the Holy Spirit who will be bold to share the gospel (Acts 1:8).  If you aren't telling people about Jesus here, then don't come with us.  We need disciple-makers on this trip.  
  4. Passport and Shots: Make sure you have both.  
  5. Prayer: Get people praying for you and you start praying.  We need the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of Jesus.  Pray.  

So, are you interested?  Fill out this electronic application to go: 

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